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Relief Veterinarian Hawaii

How Can a Relief Veterinarian in Hawaii Help You?

A relief veterinarian in Hawaii is one that can provide help when you need it. They are independent contractors that provide veterinary staffing in Hawaii without the stress of hiring and training a new employee.

There are many times when you might find a relief veterinarian beneficial, but the following are some of the most common.

Vacation and Leave

There are many times you may need to take a break, other vets in your practice request vacation, or someone needs to take maternity or health leave. And sometimes, several of these situations happen at once. What do you do?

Relief veterinary staffing in Hawaii can allow you to accommodate these needs. Whether you need one relief vet for a day or several for a couple of weeks, a relief vet can help ensure your practice continues to run while everyone gets the time they need.


Emergencies happen. When they do, you don’t want to have to shut down your office at the last minute – and you don’t have to. With the help of relief veterinary staffing in Hawaii, you can get someone to cover your practice while you deal with life.

Extra Help

Is your schedule overbooked? Has one of your vets quit unexpectedly, leaving you to cover their patients? Have you hired a new employee but don’t have the time to train them? If any of these situations occur or you find yourself needing an extra hand for any other reason, a relief veterinarian can help.

At Heerkens Veterinary Relief Services, we’re here for you. Whether you need coverage for general medicine, emergency care, or surgical procedures, our vets have you covered. Contact us today to learn more or to book your relief.

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